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Dr. Charles & Vanessa  Gaulden

We love the comfort of our home since having our Greenstar Panels installed. Our heat hardly ever came on this winter because the house has been so comfortable. One morning we got into our car and the dash temperature showed 63 degrees. As soon as we drove out of the garage it dropped to 41. Our garage is now as comfortable as our home even without heat or AC. We have seen a great reduction in our electric bill and wish the builder installed Greenstar Panels 4 yrs ago when our home was built. I really believe the building codes should require Hyper-Insulation!

Ralph & Theresa Pickard

We love the comfort and savings that we have enjoyed since having our Greenstar Panels installed. Ralph says, we set our thermostat at 72 at night and then up to 80 during the day. Now that I am retired and at home during the day. I notice even on the hottest days the AC doesn’t cycle until maybe 5pm. My attic is now a place I can go anytime when before it was unbearable even on cool days. I truly believe this product should be a code requirement for new homes. Theresa said a recent article in the Bartow paper showed everyone was complaining the Jan. electric bills because they were double for most residence because of record cold. We checked our bill and it was actually half of the previous Jan.

Skip & Stephanie Kauffman

Our Architect specified Greenstar Panels in our retirement home because we wanted low energy costs. However, we are discovering so many more benefits we didn’t expect. A large storage area was designed in our attic so we can store things that will not only be convenient to access but we will never have the expense of an air conditioned storage unit. During construction I have noticed on very cold days the house feels warm and on hot days the house feels cool, and this is before any power has been hooked up. I can’t wait to move in because the garage is just comfortable as the house. We cannot wait to move in and enjoy our new home.

Don & Diane Busing

Don & Diane Busing

I want to take this opportunity to express our complete satisfaction with the work Greenovative Homes performed to make our older home a more enjoyable living experience. We have noticed a world of difference in our electric bill and look forward to saving money for many years to come.

The recommendations your energy consultants made (windows, doors, water heaters, LED lights, Nest thermostats and especially the GreenStar Panels insulation system with ridge vent) have increased our overall indoor quality and comfort.

Bill & Connie Craig

Bill & Connie Craig

Today is a very special day for us, Greenovative Homes completed our attic improvements.

Life is so hectic, fast and furious that we seldom stop to give a few words of praise, but we were so very impressed with your crew and the work they did that we do not want this moment to pass without expressing to you our gratitude.

Your crew, Aaron Williams, supervisor, Aaron “Drew”, Tony and Peter were professional, competent, friendly, respectful and extremely hard workers. Aaron was organized and daily on task with goals in sight. It was truly a pleasure to have them around. Words do not truly express our high regard of them. Thank you for hiring and sending such fine young men.

Rick & Susan Piatt

Rick & Susan Piatt

The Piatt’s choose to have Greenstar Panels  installed with the expectation of an 8yr. payback. However, their immediate saving indicated that payback would be in the 3-5yr. range. Their annual consumption was reduced by 35% compared to previous years. Susan Piatt reported, “Greenstar Panels reduced our electric bill approximately $150-$200 per month!

Martha Linder

Mrs. Martha Linder

Martha choose to have Greenstar Panels installed in the attic over her bedroom because she wanted relief from the summer heat. Even though the master bedroom represents a small percentage of her 5260 sq. ft. home the desire for comfort made the investment in Greenstar Panels a must. Because of the homes design the master bedroom attic was separate from the other attic spaces this allowed for an effective Greenstar Panels installation. With only the one room completed Mrs. Linder realized a 16% reduction in KW consumption.

Kerry & Sally Charlet

Kerry & Sally Charlet

Kerry and Sally Charlet enjoy a beautiful home with high ceilings and a 5/12 roof that would be expected to stay comfortable. However, after Greenstar Panels  were installed they saw a marked difference in comfort and realized a 17% reduction in kw usage over previous years. They told us that after the extermination came down from the attic on a summer afternoon he commented “it is freakishly cool up there!”

Kerry breaks down the return on investment, “A potential additional advantage to the panels could be the “dividend” or “interest” return on the investment in the panels. Here is an example.

If an individual installed 3,000 sq ft of the panels at the $4.00 per sq ft, total cost would be $12,000. If the electric bill were reduced just $50 per month, or $600 over the course of the year, this would translate into a 5% return on your investment. And, that 5% is not taxed either, making the effective return on your investment around 6.67% for those in the 25% tax bracket. Naturally, the higher the savings and the higher the tax bracket, the returns are even higher. I just wanted to be conservative.
Now, the alternative today if this $12,000 were sitting in the money market account, you would only be earning about .50% and that amount would be taxable, leaving you with a net return of approx. .38%. This pales in comparison to the 5% return noted earlier.”

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